London Bound

It's been a while!

I guess you've been wondering why I haven't been up to much lately and been very quiet - then here's why. I've been working full-time as a roofer.

When I finished my Degree in 2017, I decided not to continue with a Masters in music. I took time off because I felt I needed to develop both vocally and physically and to grow in general. For me personally I don't think it would have been an advantage to go straight into a Masters. I spoke to musical professionals throughout my time off for guidance and they supported my decision.

I made a plan to audition for the leading music conservatoires in London in December 2018. Making the decision about what course I would apply for wasn't easy. My ultimate aim is to become an Opera singer but I know age wise I am still classed as young (24 yrs). However, in myself I felt confident, my voice is in good shape and that come 2018, I'd be ready to go straight for the Advanced Diploma in Opera. On saying this I have always taken advice from Musical experts and will always be guided by their experience - but sometimes you have that gut instinct and just know when something is right for you and you have to be bold enough to go for it.

Since 2017 I've been working full time as a roofer ( I did work for a bit in retail as well). I've also been having fortnightly singing lessons in Manchester to prepare for the auditions. There's been a lot of practice on top of roofs and a fair bit of being told to 'be quiet' by my work mates (that's the polite version haha) - it's been great banter. The auditions are now over and I'm excited and proud to announce that I have been awarded a full scholarship to study for the Advanced Diploma in Opera at the Royal Academy of Music Sept 2019 - Yeeees!!

I'm extremely excited to move to London and study at such a fabulous institution alongside amazingly talented musicians. Every week away from music has seemed like a month and every month like a year but patience, belief in myself and focus on where I wanted to be has never left my sight. So it's back to roofs for a few months with my buddies and then my musical journey continues.......

All that is left for me to say is thank you everyone for your patience, belief and support for me.

Wishing every one of you the kind of 2019 you want for yourself.

Best wishes,

Andrew x

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